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24V External Battery Packs Specification :

Model OW-24-C100II
Capacity 98WH
Input 24V/90W
Output 24V/3.33A


 Charging time  

About 2.5 hours


Cycle life :

More than 500 times(After 500 times,Remainding capcity more than 80%)


Power guage : 

5 level LED indicator to show the remaing power of battery


Low power alarm:  LED flashing 

High charging voltage alarm: LED flashing 


Recommended charge Temp :0-35 celsius


Recommended discharge Temp: -10-45 celsius


Recommended storage Temp: -10-35 celsius


24V External Battery Packs OW-24-C100II Feature :

1.The battery can be used in series


2.A 90W adapter can be used to charge for two or three batteries simultaneously( according to the output power of your selected adapter ) .


3.Function of charging and discharging simultaneously.


4. Lithium ion cells with High capacity and convenient to carry.

5.Various circuit function protections, to ensure the safety and stability of item,such as protection from overcharge,overdischarge and heat.

6.High efficiency and low self-discharge rate 5% per month.

7. It can be recovered itself when short circuit happened.